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Worship Team

Worship and Sound Team

Contact: Shaun Garth Walker


At Ann Arbor Vineyard we don’t believe in the sacred secular divide that so often accompanies what one might call a traditionally churched mindset. The great hymn ‘A mighty fortress is our God’, was after all set to a bar tune. We concur with Duke Elllington on the matter; for it was he who said: there are only two types of music, ‘good and bad’, If there is a creator God, then it follows that the very idea of music comes from Him, and that He gave us the ability to make music for Him, for ourselves, and for others to enjoy. Music is used as part of our intimate relationship with Him: during our corporate worship times, when we are home alone, driving in our car, or humming in our hearts.

The worship team facilitates worship for the weekend celebrations, youth and children’s ministry, local correctional centers and other churches who seek our help.

The worship team’s intention is to maintain steady growth. If you’d like to contribute as an instrumentalist, vocalist or running sound, please contact: Shaun Garth Walker, Worship Director.

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