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JBS - Active

The earliest disciples of Jesus were invited to participate with him in bringing the love of God to the world around them, often before they had a clear understanding of his message and mission. They learned by doing and so do we. The active dimension of faith includes hands on ministry opportunities, with "ministry" defined as "giving away however much or little of God we have received." The aim of ministry is personal (transformed lives), social (transformed relationships) and global (a transformed world) in scope.

We have an entrepreneurial environment for promoting active and meaningful service with over twenty distinct teams of people serving in various capacities. Each team allows interested individuals to "tag along," then "try it on," before "taking it on," and "passing it on." Training is provided by those actively involved in the area of service and varies according to needs.

Because the good news of Jesus is designed to engage global concerns, we are exploring practical ways to address such pressing issues as the AIDS crisis in Africa and the global environmental crisis as well as working to promote racial reconciliation through the body of Christ. We are also involved in sharing the good news through mission partners in India, Russia, and Guatemala.



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