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Vineyard is a community oriented church.

We seek to foster personal relationships that enhance spiritual growth (we have many groups to choose from) and are committed to serving the local community. The Ann Arbor Vineyard hosts an extensive ministry to single moms and their families, featuring a monthly Moms Night Out (free dinner with on-site childcare provided), a car care ministry, and special support through the Christmas season. We also organize a weekly outreach to the homeless and needy, every Friday evening from 7-8pm at Liberty Plaza in downtown Ann Arbor, as part of our Homeless Ministries. We believe that service to the poor is a hallmark of Jesus-style ministry.

We value an innovative approach to ministry.

With multimedia enhanced worship celebrations, an active website, and an entrepreneurial approach to launching new ministries, we are passionate about making Christianity accessible to people with no previous God-connection. We seek to overcome the cultural barriers that unintentionally exclude those who haven’t committed themselves to the path of Jesus. This makes the journey more invigorating for all concerned. We provide practical help to people seeking to understand the hows and whys of Christian life. We offer the BELONG class approximately three times a year as a practical introduction to Christianity, and no question is too pointed or challenging. It also serves as our membership class and is a great place to learn what it means to be a student of Jesus.

We embrace an active and contemplative approach to spirituality.

We aim to pray for the sick as Jesus did - in a low-key, non-hype ministry style. We value the empowering presence of the Spirit and a vibrant practice of the spiritual gifts. We also value the spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, and fixed-hour prayer. In fact, our church web site is the host for The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle, a flexible and contemporary approach to praying at regular intervals through the day, adapted from the Book of Common Prayer.  We appreciate the diverse riches of the Christian tradition across social, racial, and denominational boundaries. We participate in the Vineyard: A Community of Churches which includes about 600 churches in the United States and another 800 churches internationally.



For Further Information

Videos are in the Quicktime movie (mov) format and require the free Apple Quicktime Player [ WindowsMac ].

Horizons: Vineyard Past, Present & Future (25th Anniversary Video)

Horizons: Extended Interviews

More specific questions? Email our lead pastor Donnell Wyche.

If you live in the greater Ann Arbor area, and don't already attend Vineyard, we'd love to send you an informational brochure and a free worship CD. Click here for more info.

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