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Creation Care: Environmental Stewardship

Creation Care is a faith-based approach to the environment. The first humans were charged with the responsibility of cultivating and protecting the garden, which makes every last one of us environmentalists. Jesus is about reconciling and redeeming our relationship to God, to one another, and to this wonderful planet which is a sacred gift. That's the heart and soul of Creation Care.

Sermons on Creation Care

Creation Care (#1): Our Stewardship of Creation
by Ken Wilson, given 2/18/2007
[ audio (mp3) | video (mov) ]

Creation Care (#2): Understanding the Human Footprint on Planet Earth in Biblical Perspective
by Ken Wilson, given 2/25/2007
[ audio (mp3) | video (mov) ]

Creation Care (#3): Climate Change
by Ken Wilson, given 3/04/2007
[ audio (mp3) | video (mov) ]

Green Vineyard: Environmental Stewardship Ministry

Watch this video interview with founder Phil Brabbs.

Let's Tend The Garden: An Environmental Awakening

To read the notes from Ken's seminar at the conference in Boise in September 2007, click here.

Vineyard Community Garden

Our garden has been in operation since 2007, the organic produce from the garden is used by the church and the local food bank, Food Gatherers. The garden is also a sacred space where gardeners encourage each other in areas of faith, gardening techniques and ways to care for God's creation. A garden class is offered for children during Camp Create in July. To find out more about the garden or volunteer opportunities contact Gretchen Marshall-Toth Fejel.

The Friendship Project

Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor and The Blue Ocean Institute have teamed up to organize The Friendship Project: Building Bridges Between Science and Faith. The project's goal is to foster relationship and dialogue between scientists and faith leaders who share a common concern for the environment. more...

To read an article about The Friendship Project from the University of Akron News, click here.

Scientists & Evangelicals Unite to Protect Creation

by Ken Wilson

I was honored to attend the recent meetings between scientists and evangelical Christians to consider how we could work together to address the global environmental crisis. Fourteen top-flight scientists in the field of environmental science were present including E.O. Wilson (the most prominent biologist in the country) Jim Hansen (head of the NASA climate group) and Gus Speth (the first scientist to advise a U.S. president on climate change). A diverse group of fourteen evangelical leaders invited by National Association of Evangelicals leader, Richard Cizik, were present, including academics, pastors and scientists. I was present to represent Vineyard at the request of Bert Waggoner, our national director.

An Urgent Call to Action: Scientists and Evangelicals Unite to Protect Creation: Statement with attached signatories, released January 17, 2007.

Evangelical, Scientific Leaders Launch Effort to Protect Earth: Press release, January 17, 2007.

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery: "Leading Evangelicals, Scientists Launch Environmental Collaboration," from January 17, 2007 Press Conference.

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