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Environmental Stewardship Statement

In keeping with our vision statement to bear the transforming presence of Jesus into the heart of the Ann Arbor area we will grow in our stewardship of the environment, guided by Jesus brand spirituality in our call to work together in community, and our commitment to works of justice and compassion.

Our approach to environmental stewardship will be active: through concrete practices like recycling, energy conservation, and promoting environmental stewardship in our community. Our approach will be contemplative: through fostering an awareness of God's spirit at work in and through his creation and prayer for wisdom and empowerment to address various global environmental crises. Our approach will be biblical: through study of the Scriptures for understanding our proper relationship to all of creation. Our approach will be communal: through cooperative efforts and mutual encouragement to engage in the love and good works of environmental stewardship.

We will focus on the following areas: implementing principles of environmental stewardship in the use of our facility through recycling and energy conservation; integrating environmental stewardship practices into our ministries; encouraging and equipping each other to develop these practices in our home, school, and work environment; encouraging environmental stewardship locally, nationally, and globally.

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