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Vineyard Bible Institute

Vineyard Biblical Institute exists as a service to the church. Biblical Studies and ministry training materials, which express the theology of the kingdom of God and the values of the Vineyard, are available through the medium of distance education.


  • Serve the international Vineyard family and the wider body of Christ;
  • Provide a distance education curriculum that serves the requirements of this family;
  • Reflect the international Vineyard family in its values, curriculum and lecturers and therefore have it functioning in all the primary nations or areas;
  • Provide materials for lay people who want to get to know the Bible in depth;
  • Provide a way for lay people to further their theological education;
  • Make VBI accessible to the members of all local Vineyard churches;
  • Make VBI as affordable as possible;
  • Empower the local church as a training base.


If you have any questions, please call (734) 477-9135 x111.  Also, visit the VBI website here.

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